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3D Printing

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3D Printing Services – Additive Manufacturing | Concept to Reality

3D print expert in post-processing phase brushing access powder off prototype

Manufacturing, Revolutionized.

3D print expert in post-processing phase brushing access powder off prototype

3D printing – a form of additive manufacturing – is a transformative approach that takes digital ideas and translates them into real-world, tangible objects.

The ability to create cost-effective rapid-prototypes, or even short-run end-use products, has led to incredible advances in the construction, manufacturing, architectural design, and medical industries.

3D Print – Types

Types of 3D Prints Available

Plastic 3D Prints

  • Cost-Effective Models
  • More durable end product compared to powder 3D prints
  • Wide variety of materials incl. PLA, CPE, ABS, TPU, and ASA

Powder 3D Prints

  • High Resolution Models
  • Full-color finished products
  • Prints do not require supports, allowing for small-scale, complex prints

Resin 3D Prints

  • High Resolution models
  • Durable finished products
  • Quicker printing time when compared to printing with filaments

And More...

As technology advances, our library of printing materials increases. Have a specific material in mind? Contact us to discuss.

3D Print – Additonal Services

Additional Services

3D Print – Design Services

3D Print – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Our 3D printers accept .STL file formats scaled in millimeters. We work with a variety of programs that can import and export many different file types. Some common file types and programs we work with include: 
  • Rhinoceros 3D (.3dm) 
  • AutoCAD (.dwg) 
  • 3DS Studio Max (.3ds) 
  • Maya (.mb) 
  • Z-Brush (.zbr) 
  • Blender (.blend) 
  • .obj files 
That all depends on the goal of your project. Though each project is unique, here are some general rules of thumb:
  • If getting a full color model is your priority, powder prints are the way to go
  • If your priority is to get a cost-effective model, you will most likely be better off with a plastic 3D print
  • If the durability of your model is most important to you, you might be more interested in resin 3D prints.
Send us a brief message either below or to [email protected], and one of our experts will guide you in the right direction.
BluEdge offers a variety of 3D services including 3D designing from scratch, to fixing a pre-existing model to fit your needs. Schedule a meeting with one of our experts, and we will do all we can to bring your vision to life.
That all depends on your specific project. Once you provide us with details about your project, we will be able to give you a more accurate time frame on how long it will take to complete your project. Some factors that can affect your print time are:
  • Print material being used
  • Size of model
  • Level of detail of model
  • Complexity of geometry
The short answer is: pretty much anything. Additive manufacturing technology is evolving so rapidly that each day brings new advances. Plastic, metal, food, dirt, and even human cells are just some of the materials that have been used in 3D printing. We have FDM plastic and powder 3D print capabilities in-house. We also have great relationships with specialty fabricators if you’d like your materials printed in resin, metal, or something even more unique.
Some best practices to prepare your file for print include: 
  • Use millimeters instead of inches 
  • The object being 3D printed should be a closed ‘water-tight’ object 
  • If using Rhinoceros, make sure the object is a ‘closed solid polysurface’. This means it should not have any open or non-manifold edges. 
  • If using Blender, 3DS, or Maya, all edges are closed. 
  • Check for reverse normals
If your file requires additional adjustments, we offer design services including designing a model from scratch or file fixing services to adjust a pre-existing model.
Once uploaded, your file will be reviewed by our 3D production team. They will then contact you with any follow-up questions or an estimate for your approval.

3D Print – No Limits

No Limits

Well, almost. Although we can create essentially any end product, there are certain things to keep in mind. 

  • Build Volume

    One thing to keep in mind is the printer's build volume. If the size of your end product is larger than the 3D printer, our 3D experts will rework your model in or to print your objects in tiles or fragments. These pieces are then adhered together by our technicians.

  • Geometry

    There is not a specific type of shape that cannot be printed in 3D printers, but some geometries are easier or cleaner to print than others. Most 3D printers create an object layer-by-layer, and these layers can sometimes be seen or felt, particularly along curved surfaces. Under and overhangs add complexity and time to a 3D print.

What to Expect From Your Print (Most Common)

Ultimaker S5Stratasys F370ProJet 660 Pro
Type of PrintingFDMFDMMulti-Jet Fusion
MaterialPlastic: PLA, CPEPlastic: ABC, ASA, TPUPowder
ColorOne ColorOne ColorFull Color
Visually Clear

3D Printing Testimonials


"I wanted to thank BluEdge for their expertise in 3D. It really eases my mind that we have someone to turn to when we need assistance with getting files ready to print. The wrap of the SketchUp file worked perfectly and the customer was super impressed."

Rapid Reproductions


"We were very pleased at the expediency and quality of work that BluEdge delivered to us. The 3D printing experience was successful from start to finish. BluEdge has a robust amount of resources and options to produce just the model you are looking for."

LLB Architects


"It was a unique process to learn first hand how today's 3D printers work and process information. I got a chance to get a closer look today and it is remarkable the fine detail that you can produce."

Daroff Design

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3D Print – Portfolio

Featured Equipment

Ultimaker S5
Powerful, Reliable, Versatile 3D Printing
Ultimaker S5 Material Station
Automated Material Handling
Ultimaker S5 Air Manager
Intelligent Top Enclosure

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3Dprint – Contact

Contact Us

Need assistance? Send us a brief message about your project and one of our 3D experts will reach out to you shortly.

If uploading a file, please submit in one of the following formats: .STL, .OBJ, Rhino (.3DM), and most standard commercial 3D program files.

Already a client? Place an order via our client portal and one of our 3D experts will reach out to you with an estimate.

Phone: 1.888.599.6611

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